06 June 2005

Signal Generator build

Last night, I managed to get the cavities for the system drilled into the case that came with the velleman amp kit. It was a bit awkward - the material the case is made out of is very thin, and tends to split when drilled at all but the lowest speed setting. Equally, the material is very hard to clamp effectively so it either cant be held firmly, or it splits.

I got there in the end though.

When designing it, I did not manage to find all the definitions for the socket parts, so I simply measured them up, and put holes to mount them in the CAD design. Once it all works, I will post the design here.

The DC power supply hole was an awkward shaped one - an elongated D with two small screw holes either side (a little too close). It required a fair amount of time with a Dremel, and then some elbow grease with a set of needle files to get it right. If you are going to attempt this yourself - be warned, that was the part I found most awkward. I am still debating on how I will mount the boards inside it.

Freeform Diode Rectifier

If you look in The Gallery, you will see I have taken photos of my construction of this. I am still yet to write it up, and may have to build and photograph another - as these photos really didn’t work out at all. Unfortunately - I am really not very handy with a camera, and my camera’s lens copes badly with closeup shots - although it does have a macro-mode setting.

I intend to thoroughly test it with the signal generator once I have built it - as we don’t have the funds for a professional one, and it would be a good object to test with it to demonstrate both builds.

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