By orion on Thu 14 of July, 2005 14:29 BST

Those who are regular readers will know this was called robot classifieds - although it lacked classification. 🙄

Anyway - pointers on this forum:
You can use this section to advertise goods you want to sell/give away, items you want (wanted), clubs, websites and other items which I deem relevant - I am fairly relaxed about it - but all posts are queued and moderated.


  • I will allow thing related to sci-fi, electronic gadgets, computer books/goods etc - in fact virtually anything relatively geeky, but here is not the place for romantic novels. Items that are completely inappropriate will be rejected.
  • Any abusive, explicit or illegal goods will result in a member being deleted, or their IP address banned from using the website - and in some cases may be reported to the authorities.
  • No scripts, no gambling sites. Posts may contain a link to a website or ebay auction - but excessive links will be rejected.
  • No flooding - posting long descriptive posts is fine, but not repetitions of the same line over and over, or a non-human readable list of keywords.
  • Do not repost an item already posted. If you have advertised an item, and wish to highlight it again a few weeks later - post a comment to the thread - you will get the best out of this if you use that as an opportunity to expand on the information as well as advertise.
  • If you are a regular wiki user - I encourage you to markup wiki links to pages on the site - for example if you are talking about the RCX - then link with ((RCX)).
  • Please obfuscate emails with something like NOSPAM in the address. Spam harvesters to come over to this site and spider it.
  • I recommend that you do not leave a personal phone number or address - this might be okay once you have established contact or a sale, but it is not safe to have it on the net with no protection.
  • Children under 18 will need parental consent to participate on this forum. I will not take kindly to Irate parents whose kids sell their expensive Lego for a fiver. I will however act with moderation - and may reject ads which look like they are silly.

Make the purpose of your ad clear with the subject. Include if the item is offered, wanted, club or other, the item itself, and the location.

WANTED: Robot Books, London, Uk
OFFERED: Free Assorted Motors, London, Uk
EBAY: Robosapien, Leeds, Uk


These forums are no longer open. Please use my Facebook, Twitter or Youtube channels to ask questions.