By Anonymous on M18 of July, 2005 13:13 BST

I am selling some Gumstix Waysmall200ax linux machines. The gumstix is basically mini computer that runs linux. All of the technical info can be found on the company’s website at The website will also give you a good idea of what this thing actually is and what you can use it

It is basically the same as the Waysmall200ax listed on the website except it has an earlier board and some modifications. It has the BRD00002 board installed in it and has a 20 pin header mounted to it (I will include the pin out diagram). I will include the power supply along with some other cables that you can see in the pictures I posted. The cables are: a serial cable for connecting the unit to a PC motherboard and a power cable for drawing power off of a motherboard.

Pictures of gumstix and accessories

I am looking to get around $45 for each of these units, but the price
is somewhat flexible depending on how many you order.

These are available for pick-up at my office in Palo Alto or they can be shipped (you will have to pay for whatever shipping costs, but it can’t be that much because these things are really small). If you have any questions about this thing, feel free to shoot me an email.

Please contact me by means of email at ted.sweet{NO}@{SPAM}datadomain{FORME}.com.

By orion on M18 of July, 2005 13:13 BST

Do you have any of the RoboStix controllers?


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