By Anonymous on Fri 17 of June, 2005 22:15 BST

Hi There

I read an article regarding TFT450 (5000) power supplies. It said that you would make them. Please can you let me know how much each they are. I need 8.

Nick Williams
iamsgf at

By orion on Fri 17 of June, 2005 22:24 BST

I did attempt to email you on the provided account. I can make either supply adaptors from PC power supplies - and I could also sell them with doctored ATX power supplies. However it is something I am only prepared to do a few of - and would strongly encourage people with the know-how to use the artical and make their own. It is a bit of a hack, and comes with very few guarantees - although a few people have built and gotten their own working based on the information in the artical (it is all there).

Could you please set up an account here and use the private messaging feature of the site to discuss this furthar if you did not receive the email. I can then give you a quote on them, and make sure you are aware of the situation.

These forums are no longer open. Please use my Facebook, Twitter or Youtube channels to ask questions.