By orion on Fri 24 of Dec, 2004 10:11 GMT

The East Finchley Robotics Group would like any North London based robot builders to attend our group. We would like to form teams for:

  • Robot Wars
  • Technogames
  • First Lego League
  • Robocup
  • Our own challenges and competitions
  • Any other robot competitions

We also hold regular meetings of robot builders, and beleive by pooling resources - we can have greater robot design and building facilities for all - from software, to tools to materials, as well as being able to draw on the talents and experiences of a group of builders. We are interested in Robosapien or Aibo hackers, Lego Builders and RCX people, kit builders, scratch builders, BEAM Robots builders, junk builders and any other building methods.

If you are interested - please visit the Group Meetings FAQ or leave a message here and we will try and contact you.

By orion on Tue 24 of May, 2005 17:57 BST

We are going to be starting a new group in the not-too-distant future at Northolt - West London. We are still establishing venue etc - but we are again reaching out to builders in London. If you are simply a beginner and never built a robot before, or fairly experienced - let us know your interest.

As we are needing a venue and more equipment, we are going to be charging a small sub of £1 per session. The venue will be determined by the interest.

Plus those who come early will get involved in building and testing the "pyramid challenge". Not going to tell you any more than that until you come though! 😎

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