What are we working on?

Esp 8266

My current project is called “Bounce!” - a visual programming language based on Block.ly for the esp8266 - a wifi enabled microcontroller. I am of course connecting to it to as many robtos and sensors as I can get my hands on - there is a lot of related esp8266 video content.

The CNC Machine

We bought a CnC Machine, intending to use it to prototype new robot stuff, and because prototype fabrication is a fun use of robotics.

CnC Machine

The Orion Explorer 1

This is my own robot kit - which was sold in 2014. It is no longer being worked on.


Raspberry Pi Explorer

I’ve built an Explorer 1 based around the Raspberry Pi instead of the Arduino. I am yet to write up the detail of the working robot, and turn it into a kit (there were modifictions needed). Here is some video of it working:

Adding a robot to a raspberry pi

Sweeping Sensor Explorer

After ordering some other robot kits to play with, I wanted to try putting a sweeping sensor using a servo motor on an Explorer 1 as another kit was using. This was a single HC-04 distance sensor instead of two - in theory this allows for a wider or more precise sweep - with the robot following through.