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Building RAM memory cells yourself

blog post
Memory was once built by hand. This memory is good to understand the principles of the system, and will neither be large enough or fast enou  

Chloe and Shannon Hall

blog post
Shannon (in yellow) and Chloe (in pink) were the only two girls in the whole competition. There is currently a disapp  

DLink DSM-G600 next steps

blog post
Simple fun_plug test So continuing my work with this box, since it was hackable, I decided the first thing to do was to try a simple test of the fun_plug system mentioned before. I created a very  

New Toy - DLink DSM-G600 NAS Box

blog post
I recently bought the DSM-G600 on Amazon, a small and inexpensive Wireless Enabled NAS - Network Attached Storage. It is a tiny box - about the size of router, maybe a little taller. It has a wireless  

Using Telnet on the DLink DSM-G600

blog post
In my last post, I explained how to get a telnet service installed on the box, but I did not really say what it really was or how to use it. In this post I will explain a little more about how it work  

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