21 March 2005

Meeting Log

Well this weeks meeting ended up being just myself and Dale. However - since it was a very sunny day, we decided to go out on the green, and sketch concepts for robots and ball contraptions, and the new Lego RCX pneumatic valve design I am considering. All in all - a very pleasant meeting, and a loss for those who missed it.

I cant say any more on the valve design - only that it may solve the solenoid problem for many.

Movie - Disneys Robots

Later, my wife, myself, Dale and his family went to see the new movie “Robots”. It was a wonderful movie. It has lots of imagination. The robots themselves look great - and are wonderfully animated. The number of gadgets, gizmos and inventions are enough to make it a good movie, but the storyline is kind of sweet and compelling as well - although I am not sure about the musical aspects of the film.

The transport sequence is undoubtedly one of the coolest parts of the film, and is ample inspiration to anyone considering building a Great Ball Contraption module. The characters are cute and funny, and while the good guy/bad guy divide is clear cut - as you would expect in a family film, there are definitely some “in” jokes that only an adult would get. It sounds good too, with voices from the likes of Hale Berry, Mel Brooks, Ewan McGregor and the ever amusing Robin Williams as Fender.

It is definitely more kids film than adult, and kids will go for it. Anybody into gadgety stuff will appreciate the visuals - especially the way all the robots look like they articulate properly at all their joints and don’t appear to be bending any way they shouldn’t be. All in all - good fun.