BEAM is an acronym for Biology Electronics Aesthetics and Mechanics.

These robots are ingeniously simple and instead of having complex <a a="" brain")="" class="wiki" for="" href="/wiki/microcontroller.html" robot"="" title="A programmable digital controller (or ">Microcontrollers</a> and programs, you can use wave generators which are very close to having their stability pulled out by sensors.

Some of these are also simple circuits with a capacitor, which after reaching a trigger voltage, causes a Transistor to flip. This will drive a motor for a breif burst of motion, then stop after the capacitor is fully discharged. A great use of Solar Panels and pretty easy to build.

Legged robots can be built in interesting ways using sine(or relatively curved waveforms) offset by 90/180 degrees. If used with Muscle Wire - it means you can get a set of flowing contractions just from the wave generators.

Some people like the idea of taking the BEAM principles, and creating a Horse And Rider Robot - a very interesting proposition indeed.

Mark Tilden owns many copyrights and patents in this area.

Junkbots, Bugbots and Bots on Wheels: Building Simple Robots with BEAM Technology Dave Hrynkiw, Mark W. Tilden This book is an excellent starters guide, and anybody intending to build these robots should have it on their shelf. I have built many robots based upon these ideas. It covers tools, techniques, actual robot designs and more.
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