Pocket PC's are a Personal Data Assistant group which use Windows CE operating system.

Some models may be re-flashed with a Linux operating system, making them more usable in robotics applications.

They have a minimum of an LCD touch screen, Infra Red, WiFi and/or BlueTooth communication port and some kind of USB or Serial Data Stream connector.

Their small size and low power consumption may make them interesting robot control devices, while the touch screen gives a good method of Human Computer Interaction? with a robot.

Orion used to own the HP1910 colour device which at present cannot be flashed with another operating system. He now owns the Dell Axim x30, for which other OS's are being ported.

If you buy one, you should ensure it has SDIO or CF slot, and take note of BlueTooth or WiFi systems it may come with. If you are going to use it for robot applications - then consider the weight and power consumption.

If you are going to attempt to use it for remote control of robots - check if it supports consumer IR (all-in-one remote control ability).

Communicating with RCX from a PocketPC with Infra Red?

Communicating with Cybot from a PocketPC with Infra Red?


Pocket PC for Dummies Brian Underdahl I will just start by saying that I really love all of the "For Dummies" series. If you already own one of these- this book can help you get a great deal more out of it. If you are considering buying one, it gives you a heads up so you have a good idea what you are looking for.
Ipaq for Dummies Brian Underdahl I told you I love them! Another similar title. This one focuses more sharply on the IPAQ models. It also covers some of the latest hardware developments so you really know what to look for, or how to use what you have.
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