by Danny Staple

We are continuing the Great Ball Contraption Modules challenge. I will be announcing the final deadline for this on saturday.

I am looking for at least one of the teams to finish a module - and the first team will get a prize. Following that, I will be judging the overall winner on the following criteria:

  • Technical - There will be points for showing technical skill, the use of pneumatics, or sensors, or simply a very good mechanical design will win points in this category
  • Style - The model has to look good - the way the balls move should show off a bit of fun, and exposed technical workings are exactly what we want to see, as well as generally well placed style pieces giving the module a bit of a theme
  • Theme - Following that - there will be points if a team can make a module that is seriously themed
  • Low motor count - I will give lots of points if you can run it on one motor.
  • Low Piece count - While sometimes big is beautiful, we also believe in keeping it simple - if there are two models with similar characteristics, the one with fewer pieces will get additional points
  • Low weight - I will be weighing the entries - this really is a similar criteria to piece count, but now the kind of pieces are important too.

The teams have already been allocated, and we have one group using the Lego RCX and another using the Lego Cybermaster. There may also be a SpyBotics based module. This seems overkill - as a team may get the whole thing working on a single motor and battery box- which is great.

So, I hope to see you all there - have fun, and keep it simple. Remember the modules we saw with Steve Hassenplug’s team, and Philo’s modules - this is what we are aiming for.

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