At Orionrobots, Danny and his team build robots, electronics, gadgets and stuff that moves. We aim to make robots easy for anyone to build, and push the boundaries of what is easy. Oh and just to have lots of fun doing it too!

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Recent Posts

  • Since the second edition of Learn Robotics Programming was published the Raspberry Pi operating system has moved on. This means that the instructions for installing OpenCV and Numpy are out of date. Here’s the updated instructions for installing OpenCV and Numpy on the Raspberry Pi. more…
  • This week I found a helpful guide for people new to crimping wires. Crimping wires is not easy without practice, but also knowing what a good crimp should look like is a start. more…
  • Progress update for PiWars 2024
    Our robot, Big Ole Yellow, originally built in 2019, is being re-purposed for the PiWars 2024 Disaster Zone competition. more…
  • Piwars 2024 progress - a right angled USB cable
    Our robot for Piwars 2024, Big Ole Yellow, has a USB cable between the Raspberry Pi and the Pimoroni Yukon, for programming and communicating with the Micropython code running on the RP2040. more…
  • Amusing vL53L5cx sensor issue
    The robot I’ve been building and documenting for an upcoming book is using a VL53l5cx sensor for front mounted distance sensing. This sensor is great in that you get an array of 8x8 distance measurements, so a single sensor can do the job of many! more…
  • Piwars Robot battery charging issues
    So our robot is wired up, and on a bench power supply, and we have things driving as of last week via the Yukon. Exciting. However, when we tried to switch over to independent power for the motors, it ran out pretty soon. The robot’s motor power is based ona bank of 6 NiMH AA’s, and it is in my roadmap to replace that with 18650’s, but until then, keeping these charged is an important part of maintenance. more…


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