by Danny Staple

Botmag are currently hosting a contest to design and later build innovative robots using the VEXplorer kit. The builders need to get a description of a unique or creative use for the VEXplorer kit entered into the contest before the 24th march 2008.

25 of those builders will be selected to receive a free VEXplorer kit to build their designs. They then need to make a YouTube video of their robot in action showing the innovative behaviour. The contest winner will get a grand prize of a $5000 scholarship.

The contest will be judged by none other than Grant Imahara, a special effects wizard probably best known for R2D2 and being one of the hosts of Mythbusters. The winners will be personally picked by him on the 5th June 2008. He will be looking for innovation, creativity, and there will also points awarded for the use of the SolidWorks Student Design Kit to design the robot.

The competition is put together by a group including Innovation First, Inc., Revell, Robot magazine and SolidWorks Corporation.

I personally would have entered just to get my hands on the free VEXplorer kit. The contest is sadly only open to US residents who are 14 or older. Those under 14 may be able to get a parent to represent them.

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