by Danny Staple

Why not be inspired to make a halloween costume based on your favourites - either from Sci fi or even reality. Here are 2 ways to build a chicken walker - one as a robot, one as a costume. Enjoy!

What are Chicken Walkers?

Chicken walkers are robotic platforms in both futuristic and steampunk sci-fi. They are essentially a pair of robotic legs upon which a human can ride, either to allow him to carry heavier things over a distance, or to give a disabled person the ability to get around, or simply with legs and a surface as a platform to carry stuff around.

Chicken Walker robot

This video has details on a chicken walker costume (not really a robot), which lifts its legs when a wearer does. It looks more futuristic than steampunk, but the basic idea could be adapted.

Steampunk Chicken Walker Costume

On Instructables is another chicken walker costume - perhaps a little simpler - Build your own steampunk chicken walker mech (costume).