by Danny Staple

The Loginway PIC-01 board is a handy board for developing microcontroller projects. By it’s name, it’s clearly intended for a microchip PIC. It has LEDs, buttons, a serial port, potentiometer, LCD screen (hitachi type interface) and a big chunk of breadboard. Great for just trying out bits of code and learning microcontroller stuff with.

I paired it with an Arduino UNO to get to know the Hitachi LCD display output, but connecting other stuff like LEDs was good fun anyway.

Arduino wired into LoginWay PIC-01 board

The other experiment I tried today was a USB-I2C converter from active-robots. This had, in addition to the I2C, a couple of GPIO pins, so I wired one into a pair of LED’s - red/green to indicate True, False and drive those on a breadboard.

USB-I2C converter GPIO driving LEDS