by Danny Staple

Build A Low-Cost Wheeled Robot

Over the last few months I have been writing a magazine series on Building a Low Cost Wheel Robot, with Raspberry Pi.

In the series I use a Raspberry Pi Zero W board with a pound shop lunch box to build a robot, starting with wheels and power, adding in sensors and extending with a camera.

PiWars 2020

I’ve also been accepted into Piwars 2020 as an entrant - the first year I am not a reserve! Exciting, but a bit intimidating too.

Following on from this series, I will be building a PiWars 2020 Robot using a lunchbox and Raspberry Pi 3a+, a souped up version of the same basic robot, which will show how far the idea can be extended.

There is a bigger lunchbox, the motors have been moved to underneath the body (that’s thinking outside of the box!) and it will have more sophisticated controllers and sensors.

I’ve been using a bit of Python Code with the Pymunk graphics library to simulate robot behaviour at, you can download and try this code out yourself. The intent there is to try and explore pathfinding algorithms for the challenges.