by Danny Staple

Exciting news! This weekend, we have plenty to celebrate, with robots, books and a little Prosecco.

PiWars 2024

PiWars 2024 robot

I am happy to announce that our team has been accepted to compete in the intermediate category in PiWars 2024! I look forward to seeing the other teams there. My team, including me, my student and my kids will get busy building that robot!

The pictured robot now has ideas for a grab and lift mechanism in Lego Technic, inspired by what I’d seen in the WRO (World Robotics Olympiad) competition.

See more of this robot at Piwars Robot Character Card.

Books sales milestone - over 10,000 copies!

Today I went through my author publishing report, and discovered that between the 3 books - Learn Robotics Programming 1st and 2nd editions, along with Robotics at Home With Raspberry Pi Pico, I’ve sold over 10,000 copies! That is a huge milestone!

Me celebrating with robots and books

Those will hopefully translate to 10,000+ robots built, and 10,000+ people inspired to enter the world of robotics and programming!

I think this is cause for celebration in my community, and I’m really grateful to everyone who has bought a copy of my books, and to the amazing community that has supported me in writing them.

If you’ve not got one, and want to learn about robotics, I’d recommend you try out Robotics at Home With Raspberry Pi Pico - it’s a great way to get started with robotics, and you can build a low cost robot with interesting advanced behaviour, and an arena to test it with.

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