If you’ve got a board with a female header (like a breadboard or an Arduino), and another board or sensor with male headers and you want to connect them, then these cables allow you to easily make solderless connections and link up your parts.

They require no soldering, no crimping, no wire stripping and tinning - just plug them in at each end and off you go.

This strip has 40 cables. Probably enough for a dozen robots - and just useful to have around. We’ve used them to bridge between all kinds of boards here - controllers, sensors, output boards and also for point-to-point wiring as a cheeky way to skip soldering up big connectors like serial or parallel ports.

They are perfect for connecting an Arduino Uno to an L298N motor control board.

These cables are handy for many projects, and can be reused. They are multicoloured- so you can trace connections.

The cables come joined as a single 40 line ribbon cable loosely joined, and can be peeled away as needed. If you need 1 - peel of a single connection, if you need 6,peel off 6 and you don’t need extra gear to keep them neat.