The Leonardo is an electronics module that allows you to easily build gadgets with some control and circuitry.

It has a number of IO pins for interfacing inputs like buttons and sensors, and outputs for driving lights, motors and other devices.

It can be programmed with a freely downloadable app for Windows, Mac and Linux with a large community and many example programs to test with. A standard Micro USB cable is all that’s needed to plug it in.

This Arduino Leonardo can also be programmed to act as some standard USB type devices - so you could have sensors in a robot or gadget behaving like a keyboard - cool!

Based on the Avr ATMega32u4, with 5v logic and IO, built in voltage regulator for a supply from 7-12v, 20 Digital IO Pins, 7 of which are PWM (motor control) channels, 12 Analog inputs - for reading sensors with varying voltage/resistance. The bootloader is preinstalled on the chip - so no specialist flashing devices are needed.

There is 28k of Flash (+4k for the bootloader totalling 32Kb). For full details - please visit