A cyborg is defined as a creation (machine or animal) that was part organic and part mechanical.

Hollywood have loved the idea of monster combinations of human and machine - but the reality may be a great deal more subtle than that. The 64 billion dollar man, the bionic woman, The Terminator are a few examples of Cybernetic Organisms.

A person having Cybernetic Implants could technically be considered a cyborg. This at the present includes anyone with a heart regulator, or artificial limb or similar. There is these days a great deal of the body which may be substituted for a mechanical replacement for medical reasons - and this list is expanding.

The Realities (kind of)

The Sci-Fi

  • The Cybermen
  • The Borg
  • Robocop
  • Replicant
  • Cosmoniks
  • Jordi‚Äôs Visor