Dyson are a vacuum cleaner company sprung from an independent inventor. They are adventurous and take big leaps in their projects.

What we find most interesting is the Dyson DC-06, a direct competitor to the iRobot Roomba. This robotic vacuum cleaner has all of the power and suction you would associate with a good Dyson cleaner and the autonomous cleaning aspects of the Roomba.

The DC-06 can have a normal hose attached for manual cleaning, and has mood indicators to show its status - so it can complain if something is wrong or not what it expected. Unfortunately Dyson are no longer carrying product pages on the cleaner. Let us know if you find people still supplying the machine.

Dyson Robot Vacuum

Side note: Miles Dyson was the name of the man in The Terminator who created the Neural Processor at the core of the terminators.