A Genetic Algorithm is a method of design using a code, and an evolution system (survival of the fittest- gene/individual/population).

If you are interested in this area - I must highly recommend Richard Dawkins Selfish Gene.

Distributed Hardware Evolution Project

OrionRobots is conducting research into this area. I will put some of my more simple examples of code on the site in the future.


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The Philosophy of Artificial Life Margaret A. Boden This book has some excellent coverage of evolutionary biology, and explores many other artificial life areas as well - such ass cost based systems. This book could well allow someone to combine GA's and BEAM principles for some truly awesome behaviour from cheap, low power bots. I refer back to this regularly during my research.
The Selfish Gene Richard Dawkins This book comes highly recommended. This is a highly acclaimed - yet controversial book - which any person investigating the nature of genes should read at least once.
The Blind Watchmaker (Penguin Science) Richard Dawkins Although not officially a sequel title(that goes to "The Extended Phenotype") - this actually dives right into Genetic Algorithms, and even shows some interesting geometric forms based upon the principle.