Pocket PC’s were a Personal Data Assistant group which used Windows CE operating system. These were a precursor to SmartPhones that are common now. Orionrobots would sooner recommend using a Raspberry Pi or Smartphone than using one of these obsolete devices.

The rest of this information is for reference only and originates from about 2005.

Some models may be re-flashed with a Linux operating system, making them more usable in robotics applications.

They had a minimum of an LCD touch screen, Infra Red, WiFi and/or BlueTooth communication port and some kind of USB or Serial connector.

Their small size and low power consumption had promise for robot control devices, while the touch screen gives a suitable method of Human-Computer Interaction with a robot.

Orion has owned the HP1910 and the Dell Axim x30 pocket PC devices.

When buying a PocketPC, it was vital that they had an SDIO or CF slot, and take note of BlueTooth or WiFi systems it had. If you are going to use a device like this for robot applications - then consider the weight and power consumption.