I am Danny Staple, otherwise known as Orion. I am the creator and maintainer of OrionRobots, and have authored most of its content, along with the Learn Robotics Programming book series.

Danny Staple

I am a hobby robot builder who likes to build with anything I can get my hands on, including hacking old toys, building stuff from scratch or just using Lego. I am also an experienced Software Engineer with BCS Membership. It is between there and OrionRobots that I do some Open Source work, including trying to make a worthwhile contribution to TikiWiki - The software OrionRobots is based upon.

I live in West London, but have been living in and around London for many years.

I have fairly varied music tastes, but generally satisfy those with http://last.fm and http://soma.fm online stations.

I occasionally post on Lugnet and lurk on the Lugnet Robotics group daily, as well as DPRG, the OOPic mailing list and a few others. You may also spot me if you attend any London BCS meetings, or DorkBotLondon events.