I am Danny Staple, Orionrobots is my investigations and projects with robotics, electronics and stuff that moves. I aim to make some of the cool robotics things easy for anyone to build, and push the boundaries of what is easy. Oh and just to have lots of fun doing it too…

Recent Posts

  • 26 Apr 2016 » Lab Gear - a Crimping Tool

    A crimping tool is an essential part of an electronics hobbyists toolkit. While store-bought cables with prepared ends can go a long way, sooner or later you will need to do some of your own. This tool is the right type for the job - and certainly beats trying to do it with pliers and a lot of force or a hammer.


  • 07 Dec 2015 » Esp8266 nodemcu simple robot

    This week I built a simple robot base using a NodeMCU V3 dev board - an ESP8266 based board broken out for use with a breadboard, and with on board 3v voltage regulation. Since it’s using the NodeMCU firmware, it can be programmed in LUA.


  • 03 Dec 2015 » Getting a quick ESP8266 build environment

    The ESp8266 is currently my favourite toy right now. I’ve mostly been using NodeMCU, but also experimented with Mciropython.


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