At Orionrobots, Danny builds robots, electronics, gadgets and stuff that moves. I get kids like my regular helpers Jonathan and Helena to join in, and occasionally others too. I aim to make some of the cool robotics things easy for anyone to build, and push the boundaries of what is easy. Oh and just to have lots of fun doing it too…

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Recent Posts

  • 24 Nov 2017 » Decoding robot messages

    There are crazy sales this weekend at some of my favourite places to buy stuff to play with. Pimoroni, The PiHut and Cool Components are all having fun.


  • 28 May 2017 » Attaching a Joystick or 2 Analog Sensors to a Nodemcu

    The ESP8266 is one of my favourite devices. I wanted, for various projects, to attach a Joystick to it. However, the joystick has 2 analog outputs, and the Esp8266 has only 1 ADC (analog to digital converter). Clearly I’d have to be a bit sneaky if I wanted to interface them.


  • 25 Apr 2017 » Pi Bakery and Scroll Phat

    In March 2017, I attended the Raspberry Pi Birthday party in Cambridge. While there, all attendees got a goodie bag each day. In my goodie bag was the rather awesome Pimoroni Scroll PHat - a Raspberry Pi Zero sized hat which uses an I2C chip to control a grid of LED’s, allowing you to scroll messages or graphical stuff across them.


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