About OrionRobots

I am Danny Staple. I build robots for fun, learning and would like to share that with others.

I love robotics. Here are 3 good reasons why: 1. Robotics can be used to promote ICT/STEM learning - for both adults and children, this can increase computer, electronic, technological literacy. 2. Closing the gap between having an idea and building it - when a kid or adult has an idea for a new contraption, having kits to build upon, to experiment with to get there vastly reduces the barrier to entry. 3. Because robots are fun and we personally like tinkering with them!

The Longer Version

One of my aims is to make building robots easy and widely available as a hobby, personal learning experience or for starting out a research project to build an awesome machine. I want to make stuff available to get to this goal without it costing £100’s of pounds to try out, and without giving a system that is too simple to be customised and expanded, or to complex to make any sense.

These robot ideas are for you to make, explore and play with- they are not industrial robots or robots for factory lines. You can use my robots for anything you like, ie small scale automation in your home or a small business if you customised it - but they are hobbyist things and I do not aim to compete with ABB.

Most of my products here will be SOLDERLESS. I’ve nothing against soldering, but it makes stuff much easier to play, learn and prototype when using solderless modules. It also lowers the barrier to entry for those new to robotics.

Orionrobots has run as a robotics blog and website since 2004, has run robot clubs and hosted a couple of robot building themed birthday parties.

I am proudly based in the Uk and always have been, but I will bring products from across the globe so anybody can have a go, or so I can try cool new things.

I want to make robotics cheaper, easier and more accessible than it has ever been. I hope to bring out the inventor in anyone!

About Danny Staple

Managing Director

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A father of 2 and self-confessed complete geek from Richmond, Surrey, Uk.

I have been interested in robots since I was a kid, and was soldering when I was teenager. At age 8 - I said I wanted to make and sell robots one day.

In 1999, after finding out about Lego Mindstorms, I rebuilt the Lego collection I had as a child but in larger proportions.

In 2005 I was running a small local robot club for kids, using Lego as a medium. I’d later joined the Aurorans - a London meetup group about robot building, which inspired me to look for ways to build robots inexpensively and in a way that people who’ve not spent their lives tinkering could replicate.

Orionrobots are all about supplying the parts and information that I’ve been using to build these robots. I am researching ways to improve the Explorer robots, making them simpler to build, extending the functionality, or looking at new exciting things to do.

I am professionally a computer programmer - specialising in automation of building, testing and analysing software. I am an electronics and mechanical hobbyist. I have personally built and tested every item and tutorial on our site. I hope my customers have as much fun with it as I have, and better yet, are inspired to do more with it.

I am a member of the British Computer Society, have attended PyCon Uk for the past 3 years, joining the growing education track there. I am in the process of becoming a STEM Ambassador and a member of the Computing At School initiative.

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