by Danny Staple

John Hansen, an avid Lugnet and Lego user has created a whole raft of top utilities for converting audio files to formats that can be used on the NXT.

What’s more, they are open source, and hosted with the Bricxcc suite of tools.

Among them are tools to convert a midi file to an NXT melody file with the .rmd extension, which can be renamed to rso files to be played back on the NXT. This, alongside a tool to convert wav files to rso files, and a tool to play back the rmd files makes for a good sound suite.

These utilities add to an already neat set of OSS tools, like BrickTool - which can deal with both the RCX and NXT, NeXTTool which is a suite designed for communicating with the NXT via Fantom and of course the Bricxcc Lego developer IDE itself.

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