This kit comes with a number of press out cardboard bits, a small two direction remote chassis and a small book.

The remote chassis is the kind that turns when you reverse it - this is the only way to turn - so the chassis is very limited, but would be fun for younger kids.

The book guides you through building a robot onto the remote chassis with double sided tape, as well as props and parts to build an obstacle course and a few challenges to steer the robot through.

This kit is capitalising of course on the Robot Wars idea. For a very young builder - it may inspire confidence, and give them a bit of quick satisfaction building. Although the cardboard is not really going to last all that long, and the tape does eventually loose its stickiness.

Price wise - the book is obviously cheaper than a Lego Mindstorms Kit but this kit is a bit of a stopgap, and will leave someone looking for something a bit more challenging and versatile.

The robot can be constructed in a single Sunday afternoon - and also contains a reward card/log book for scoring - encouraging a bit of competition with rank stripes stickers to go on the robot and two different cardboard covers for the remote unit.


  • Easy to get into
  • Suitable for younger robot enthusiasts
  • Cheaper than large robot kits


  • Remote chassis is very limited.
  • Sticky tape looses stickiness very quickly.
  • Falls apart easily.
  • While cheap - perhaps not that good value for money.

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